What is the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum?

HSFM is a 501c3  nonprofit California-based foundation that began in 2012 to restore the Paramount created Star Trek Enterprise-D Bridge and Original Series Bridge touring sets.

How did the Enterprise Bridge Restoration become the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum?

When we realized there was no museum in the world willing or able to display our Bridge sets permanently, we decided to create the world’s first dedicated interactive educational science fiction museum. Instead of just making it Star Trek, we wanted to include ALL science fiction TV shows, films and media.

Is your Bridge the screen used Enterprise-D Bridge as seen on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the 1994 film Star Trek Generations?

No, the original TV series Bridge set was destroyed at the end of Star Trek Generations in 1994. Our Bridge was created in 1997 by the original designers Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda, to be used on display in London and Germany. In the mid 2000’s, our Star Trek Original Series and Next Generation Bridge sets were left outside for over 5 years in California until we found rescued them. While the TV Bridge set was made of wood and plaster, ours was made of fiberglass, Plexiglas and metal, which made it more durable.

Where is your Museum and can I visit?

While we have been traveling around the US to different conventions including San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon and LA Comic Con, but our first exclusive traveling exhibit will begin in 2017. For the next five years, we will be touring our museum around the USA and World, and hopefully have a permanent location in Los Angeles California by 2020.

How can I help with the museum?

You can help in MANY ways, either by going to our online store and donating for a shirt or other merchandise for a tax-deductible donation, or by donating your skills to help us with the many aspects of creating a museum. Or by working at our convention booth in the many cities around the USA we’ll be visiting. Email info@hollywoodscifi.org

How can our company donate for a tax deductible donation or become a sponsor?

Please email Huston@hollywoodscifi.org

How do I donate props or loan props to your museum?

If you care to donate or even loan a prop for us to display for 6 months or longer, all costs of shipping, insurance and possible restoration is paid for by our museum. If you donate, we will give you a receipt of Tax Deductible Donation, for you to write off and receive back on your taxes, for the fair amount of its worth.

Is your museum part Of CBS, Paramount, Universal, Warner or any other official studio or franchise?

We often work with studios per project and sponsorship, but we are not permanently affiliated with any For Profit company. The sets, props, costumes and vehicles have been acquired by collectors and studios who want us to display them, and we abide by the rules of Fair Use for educational nonprofit purposes.

Which Conventions are you going to?

Go to our tab at the top of the page marked Appearances. Since 2012 we have traveled all over the USA bringing a special prop to display.

Are you part of the Hollywood Horror Museum?

The Hollywood Horror Museum is a sister museum that spawned from our Science Fiction Museum. It is a separate nonprofit foundation with a completely different board of directors. You can find out more at hollywoodhorror.org

When I visit you at a convention, do you charge for photo ops?

Typically no. The one rule we will always follow is that EVERYONE is allowed to sit in our Bridge chairs and take photos FREE OF CHARGE. The only exception is if the convention uses our set for professional photo ops or with cast members who have their own fees.

Are the volunteers and staff making money from the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum?

No one on our staff is making a salary, everyone is an unpaid volunteer.

Can I get married, have a party or a special event at the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum?

YES, but since we don’t know exactly where we are going to be, we are not yet booking special events. For more information, please contact info@hollywoodscifi.org

Can we rent your sets or props for a movie, TV show, commercial or fan film?

Definitely. For everything other than fan films and non-profit films, all copyright clearances must be dealt directly with CBS, since Star Trek and all rights to the structure and graphics are owned by them. Email Huston@Hollywoodscifi.org

What happened to the Bridge from the STAR TREK EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton?

The Star Trek Experience closed in 2008 after a 10 year run, and nearly everything on the Bridge was destroyed, the rest was auctioned off.We rescued pieces from The Bridge from the Vegas ST Experience, including Riker and Troi’s chairs and computers, but many other pieces were destroyed.

Which style is your Enterprise-D Bridge, season 1, 2 or 3 – 7?

This is where it gets tricky: MOST of our Bridge was made to look like Season 3 – 7, which is the most preferred look of the show, but our Con and Ops stations (Data and Wesley/Geordi/Ro’s chairs) were made to look like Season 1, because they were from the Vegas Experience. Eventually, when we have the money, we will update the Con and Ops stations to resemble the more familiar Season 3 – 7 chairs.

Why not turn the Bridge computers into touchscreen computers?

Our original intention was to turn our Enterprise D Bridge into an interactive simulator, but that would violate the rights to Star Trek and CBS asked us not to.

Do you believe in Roddenberry’s philosophy of a better future?

One hundred percent, which is why we are creating the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum which will educate and inspire MILLIONS of people, and possibly change the way people look at museums.

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