Hall of Space Ships


hallOfSpaceShipsA room dedicated to the most iconic ships in science-fiction history. Each 10-12 foot scale model will be interactive with touchpad computer and monitor showing the history of the ship, how it was made, its functions and capabilities, and guests will be able to make it shoot lasers, go to warp speed and much more, at the touch of the computer pad.

Planned ships to exhibit:

  • Star Trek – multiple
  • War of the Worlds – Martian Ship
  • Lost In Space – Jupiter 2
  • Firefly – Serenity
  • Babylon 5 – Star Fury
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Mothership
  • Farscape – Moya
  • Alien – Nostromo
  • Space 1999 – Eagle Transporter
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – Discovery One

Also on display will be a ship created by NASA engineers and designers as their vision of a what a starship will really look like in the 24th century.

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